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Parallel Lines

Lemur Translations

By Lemur Entertainment ltd.

Translate with passion

Brown Lemur

Just becouse we love them...

Our Story

Lemur Entertainment ltd.


Lemur Entertainment ltd was founded in September 2022 to cover professional translation services, business services graphic design and Games development.

Translation department - trading as Lemur Translations - was built on good name, and happy customers of Mr Vagasky, which works in translation and interpreting services since 2011.


We offer translation, localisation and graphic services that will suit your needs.

Translation and transcreation

Translation of any type of documents and texts

Graphic materials and books

Translation and editing of your propagation materials, books or articles


Translation of your webpage, software or game


Tomas Vagasky

Edinburgh, United Kingdom


T: +44 77 163 686 29




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