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Translation services we offer.

Please note that if you cant find services you looks for, contact us, and we can discuss if we can help you.

* Currently we offer only Czech Slovak and English services

Legal Translations

Translation of legal documents, letters or contracts (CZ,SK, EN only)

Web content localisation

We will be happy to create localisation for your webpage (CZ,SK, EN only)

Software localisation and translation

We will translate and localize your software (CZ,SK, EN only)

Translation of books, ebooks, or other large volume of text.

We will translate your large projects, books or ebooks (CZ,SK, EN only)

General translations

Translation of documents, articles, and any text you need (CZ,SK, EN only)

Games localisation and translation

Translation and localisation of games modes or other game related projects (CZ,SK, EN only)

Brochures and booklets translation

We will translate your brochures, leaflets or booklets (CZ,SK, EN only)

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